February 17 @ 8PM

City Grader Status: Expected to be out all day Friday
WINTER PARKING BAN: Friday, Feb 18 from 10AM to 7PM
The latest City Winter Operations Updates can be found here

After some unseasonably warm weather the past 2 days, we are heading back into the normal winter conditions for this time of year. 

We are expecting a major system to push through the area, with most weather stations predicting between 20 and 25cm over the next 12 hours or so.

As such, we are planning to start our operators at midnight in order to ensure all first passes are done by around 6-7 AM. At that point, we are hopeful city operations will have begun and we can follow behind their plows and graders to ensure clean driveways throughout the day. Shovel teams will start at 6am once the majority of the snow is down. We will continue clearing throughout the day into the evening until all driveways and plow ridges are cleared.

Looking ahead at this coming week we have a lot of snow in the forecast. We are hoping it condenses into a couple of snow events, but we will play it by ear as the week progresses. We will send regular email updates and add updates to our website as we have more information about expected snowfalls and timing.