Snow Event – December 5th

After an unexpected snow event yesterday, the weather has decided to stay unpredictable. With weather reports ranging from 5-15 CM, we are going to play it by ear as the night progresses.

At this point, we are expecting 10-15 CM, which means we will be doing an overnight clearing with our operators starting at 1:00 AM with a Quick Pass to open all driveways, followed by a full-width pass after the first run is completed. Our shovellers will start closer to the end of the storm once most of the snow is down, which we’re currently predicting to be between 4:00 and 5:00 AM.

With warmer weather and rain forecasted for tomorrow, we expect road conditions to be sloppy. With city grader status still unknown at this time, we will have our crew ready for a long shift to clean up behind them if they come out.