Snow Event Dec 23

Here we go again with another snowfall just to ensure that it will be a white Christmas as if the 40cm last weekend didn’t already have that covered.

Nevertheless, this storm will be very unique in the sense that it is the exact opposite of the last storm, we expect to receive 15-20cm in only 6-8 hours at which point it will transition to rain in the morning with daily highs reaching 7 degrees. At times, there will be complete whiteout conditions due to the forecasted up to 70km/h winds and a hourly snow rate of up to 3cm per hour.

While we understand the importance of all this last minute Christmas shopping, we would certainly advise caution if you’re planning any early morning commuting. 

Operators will be starting while the snow is well underway at 4am with a Quick Pass and will be ready to start their second passes as the city grader comes out at 10am.

Shovel teams will be doing their best to avoid the rain and will be starting at 5am. This will be a very messy and heavy snowfall so we ask that you please be patient and allow our staff the time to complete their work. 

Finally, we will be circling around until 10pm when the graders stop just to have enough time to send the guys home for some rest and bring them back in early on Christmas Eve to clean up whatever falls again overnight on Friday.

Thank you and happy holidays!