Premium Ice Melter

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do you deliver?

We will typically deliver all orders submitted by Sunday  on the following Wednesday. If volume demands, we will increase delivery frequency.

What happens when I run out?

Simply purchase a refill through the website or call our office at 613-837-4556 and we will deliver a new full bucket of ice melter on the next delivery run.

Do I get to keep the bucket?

Yes, you keep the bucket and any remaining ice melter. That way, you can just purchase a refill next season instead of having to purchase a new starter kit.

Will the Ice Melter freeze?

Salt and ice melter can freeze, especially if they get wet. Ensure the lid is fully closed to keep the ice melter dry and free from freezing. 

How much does the 5-gallon bucket hold?

The 5-gallon bucket holds 53-55 lbs of salt, so while we say 50lbs on the product description, you are likely getting a few extra lbs for free! 

What is premium Ice Melter?

Ice Melter or treated salt is basic rock salt coated with performance-enhancing liquids like calcium chloride and magnesium chloride to enhance the performance. The addition of liquids produces a high-performance de-icer that has more advantages than rock salt. Most of the solid de-icers are mixed with liquids to enhance performance.