Youth Sponsorship

Apply now for a Youth Sports Sponsorship from Worry Free Snowblowing

Thank you for your interest in our Youth Sports Sponsorship Fund. 

We have created this fund to help relieve the financial burden of sports on the families of athletes. 

***Update September 29, 2021:

When we announced this fund, we were hoping to sponsor 5-6 teams this 2021-2022 season to help our local youth. With only 1-2 teams asking us for sponsorship most years, you can say we were shocked to receive over 20 applications in the first few weeks of applications being open! Our management team met last week to go over all of the applications and discuss how we could help more teams. We are happy to announce we have allocated more funds towards this program that will allow us to sponsor double the amount of teams (10-12 teams). Unfortunately, even with the extra funding, we cannot fund everyone this year, but we are hopeful that other local businesses will step up to the plate for those teams. 



Fund Details

• This fund has been temporarily closed due to the overwhelming number of applications received over the last month
• This fund is open to local youth sports teams and/or individual athletes in competition (e.g. competition fees)
• Priority will be given to teams with a home base in Orleans and Gloucester (our service zones)
• Priority will be given to teams with financial need
• Applicants do not need to be a client of Worry Free to be considered for a sponsorship
• Applicants must have league and coach information as all requests will be vetted

All funding decisions are made at the sole discretion of Worry Free Snowblowing Inc.

Applicant Information:

Team Information: