250 CM Advance Notification

With another big storm on the way, we are quickly approaching the 250cm Seasonal Contract limit, we wanted to reach out to recap the season and discuss what happens next.

This year has been quite a demanding one with snowfalls often spanning upwards of 24 hours presenting challenges in retaining staff for such longs shifts or multiple outings for the same storm. We have serviced 14 storms (not including the 5 Ultra events) that has resulted in approximately 26 passes on all our driveways due to the longevity or sheer size of the storms. Our staff have been quite busy this season to keep up with all that Mother Nature has thrown at us.

As per our contract, we provide service up to 250cm of accumulation. This includes years where we get 185cm and years where we get 250cm. Over the past 10 years, our average snow accumulation is 225cm. We have added an additional 25cm to that amount on our seasonal contracts as a buffer to better serve our customers on those in-between years. The 250cm cap is the industry standard and allows us to keep snow service affordable.

In the past 23 years of being in business, surpassing the 250cm cap has only occurred 3 other times (2007, 2017 & 2019 Seasons). Since this doesn’t happen often we wanted to remind you of the overage charges that will occur once we surpass 250 centimeters as reported by the Ottawa Airport.

As per our agreed Seasonal Snow contract, under Clause 8 of the Terms & Conditions:

  1. If the total amount of snow fall during this contract exceeds the Ottawa annual average of 250 centimeters this contract will be renewed automatically at the new rate of $25.00 charged per storm clearing of any snow fall over 4 CM until the end of the winter season or this contract can be terminated at your request. Every effort will be made to contact in advance by email or letter to allow you the chance to choose your option. If no response is received we will automatically renew your contract and bill you accordingly.

CONTINUATION OF SERVICE? As per the contract, we are making every effort to notify our clients that we are approaching the limit, and will automatically renew the contract to continue servicing your property this winter season with a $25.00 per storm charge for any events over 4cm.

However, the choice is yours! If you prefer to Opt-Out of any additional service and billing then please click the button below and we will suspend your winter service. Otherwise, if you are staying on for the remainder of the season, you have no action to take and we will continue to service your driveway every storm until we complete the season on April 1st.

Please note that due to the logistics, we are not able to accommodate only choosing to do specific storms. If you OPT-OUT we will no longer service your driveway for the remainder of the season.